Sportsmans Speedway, 54 Colwell Drive, Knox, PA. 16232
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Sportsman's Closing in 2016

When Sam Colwell passed away he left Sportsman's Speedway to his two sons and his daughter.  They did not want to operate the track themselves and did not want to continue leasing it.  The only other option was to sell it.  It soon became apparent that “would be” buyers could not come up with the money.  They then approached me with the idea that I should buy the track and keep it in the family.  After giving this a lot of thought, I bought the track in 2008.

The entire year of 2008 was spent replacing the roof on every building.  The wall facing the track on the 2nd floor of the main concession stand was falling in and had to be rebuilt.  The water lines had not been properly drained for the winter and had to be replaced along with the commodes and hot water tanks.  The race track had not been cared for and that took many hours of hard work to bring it back into shape.  After doing all this and a lot of other things, the track was ready to open in 2009.

During the 7 years that we ran Sportsman's Speedway we were always accommodating with the drivers.  They knew they could call us at any time and we always listened to their thoughts and ideas and tried to be fair with everyone.  We have heard people ridicule us for the way we did things and that always gave us something to laugh about.  If you never owned or operated a race track and had all the responsibilities connected to it, you have no idea what you are talking about.  There are lots of tracks out there for sale if you want to find out for yourself.

After much consideration, we have decided not to open the track in 2016.  Looking back over the last seven years we realize how many great people we have met and done business with.  We want to thank all the owners, drivers and their families, fans, sponsors, volunteers, workers and all the others who helped us over the years.  I want to especially thank my kids and grandkids for all their help.  I could never have done it without you.

We will continue to take care of the track and grounds and make improvements

even though we have no intentions of selling or leasing.

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                    Sportsmans Speedway

                     % Jim Colwell

                     54 Colwell Drive

                     Knox, Pennsylvania 16232

             Phone:      814-797-1621